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United Way has once again reached their campaign goal of $8,024,330 under the direction of campaign chairwoman, Pat O’Donnell. Pat O’Donnell is also an active member of the Amigos en Cristo Board of Directors.

Amigos Center is a proud partner of United Way of Lee, Hendry and Glades, who generously contributes $30,000 annually to help support the Immigration ministry of Amigos Center.

At the goal announcement O’Donnell said, “I am thrilled to announce that the United Way of Lee, Hendry, and Glades has reached its campaign goal for the 18th consecutive year!

“Our generous community has done it again! Despite the difficult economy, you dug deep to give what you could to help our friends and neighbors who are hurting, out of work, or ill. In the toughest economy that we have faced in many years, you gave so others could look forward to a better life.  I am so proud of our community.

“What is more important than the fact that we made our goal is that the 72 United Way Partner Agencies will receive their full allocation of funds.  The needs in our community have increased significantly in these troubled times. Many agencies have lost funding from both government and private sources. United Way Partner Agencies’ 160 programs will be fully funded and hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens will receive the help they need.

“Thank you to all of the individuals, companies, communities and partner agencies for your generous contributions.  You proved once again what a caring community this is.”


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You’re Invited to the 3rd Annual Friends of Amigos Lunch!

Wed, March 23, 2011   •   12 pm – 1 pm   •   Hilton Resort Naples

Thanks to our generous sponsors, this inspirational lunch is FREE to all who attend. Please come and learn about the ministry and learn how you can walk alongside us with prayer and financial support.


Christina shared that last Friday, at 5:30, she was getting ready and packing up to go home. The door was propped open for the cleaning lady and in strides an immigration client. Thinking to herself how to gently send him home, since she was all packed up and ready to leave, he smiles at her and thanks her for the immigration work she did for him and his family four years ago. He hands her $30 and tells her it’s not much but he is so thankful for the work of the Amigos Center and he is finally in a position to give back and wants to do what he can to help Amigos Center help more people. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Each month the Department of State sends out a visa bulletin showing the visa processing dates for different family relationships and countries.  Depending on the relationship and country, clients can wait months to decades to get their green cards.  Usually visa processing dates move forward in time or remain the same, but sometimes dates go back in time (retrogressing).  The retrogression can affect when a client can file for the green card or get the green card.

When the January 2011 visa processing dates were released in mid-December 2010, Amigos Center realized that we had a young man in his final year of high school that only had days to submit his green card case or possibly have to wait many more years to file.  Filing his case by December 31 meant him being able to get a work permit, social security number, driver’s license, and go to college.  His family scrambled to get all the necessary documents/fees.  With the help of Amigos Center, the young man was able to get the case properly submitted to immigration by the December 31 deadline.  Happily his case is now progressing and he is currently waiting for his work permit.

Toward the end of January 2011 Amigos Center noticed that processing times for sibling cases were going to retrogress over two years as of February 1, 2011.  We had two siblings that had submitted their green card cases last fall and both were scheduled for interviews with Tampa immigration for early February 2011.  We quickly contacted Tampa to see if their interviews could be scheduled for January when the visa was still available.  Tampa was able to see both clients on January 31 and both clients got their green cards.  If the clients had not been seen until February, they would have been pending for many more months or years.  Both clients called Amigos Center after their interviews to give a big thank you.  After years in the U.S., they can now hop on a plane to visit their family in their native country and they are now in line to be able to apply for U.S. citizenship.

–Christina Leddin

On December 29th, Harry Chapin chose Amigos Center to be the point of distribution for their mobile food pantry.

They arrived with three large box trucks and with the help of 45 volunteers we served nearly 4500 people in under 4 hours. We are thankful for the Harry Chapin’s partnership with us and their faith in our work in changing lives in Immokalee.

Thanking Mark Fontana from Thrivent FinancialThrivent Financial for Lutherans Financial Consultant Mark Fontana presents Pastor Bob Selle the matching $10,000 Lutheran Community Economic Outreach Bridge Grant.  This matches dollar for dollar the non-pledged money that Amigos en Cristo raised during the past couple of months up to a maximum of $10,000.  From November 2010 through January 2011 we raised $43,299 in non-pledged money from 79 donations ($548 per donation).  This compares to the same period last year of $23,096 from 88 donations ($262 per donation). Thank you Thrivent for inspiring our donors to give more generously than ever.

Amigos Center


Marie J Maurice Immigration Specialist

Ede imigran reyalize abondan lavi nan sidwès Florida

Amigos Center te fonde an 1997, sant la ede dè milye de fanmi chak ane ki vini nan sidwès Florida  kap chèche refij nan pèsekisyon ak mank  opòtinite nan peyi kote yo kote yo te soti-a. Nou ede yo akonpli rèv yo nan yon lavi miyò, ak akonpli dezi yo kom sitwayen nan gwo peyi sa-a. Objektif nou se ede yo nan edikasyon, ak resous ki nesesè pou yo ka reyisi. Nou fè sa atravè pwogram nou yo.

No1. Nan lafwa (ko-m kretyen) nou pale panyòl ak kreyòl legliz nou yo adore Bondye  nan lang natif natal nan relasyon ak Jezikri. Renmen se baze yon kominote.

No 2 Nou ginyen espesyalis ki travay  nan zafe immigrasyon kap ofri bon sevis ba-fanmi yo. Nou ede fanmi ini epi rete ini, bay yo chemen e direksyon rezidans pèmanant ak sitwayènte.

No3. Nou bay yo (Sèvis Sosyal) edikasyon nan klas angle ak alfabetizasyon ansanm ak asistans manje ak rad nan Immokalee.

Rete enfòme. E Vin n bay ede ou kom m Volontè. Rele nan nimewo sa (239) 4376727

Amigos en Cristo se yon òganizasyon taks-egzante 501 (c) 3.

Bethlehem Haitian Church – LCMS 

106 S 2nd Street


(239) 657-3822

Pastor Andre Mezilus: (239) 537-5725

Pastor Saint Luc Charelus (239) 821-6835

Mardi Etude Biblique 7 h a 9,30 pm

Mercredi Evengelization adomicil 6/8 pm

Vendredi Jeuve de priere 7/10 pm

Dimanch 9/10h30 Ecole du dimanch

Dimanch 10h30 a 12 Adoration

Rele pastor Andre pou transportation (239) 537-5725

Amigos en Cristo

Amigos en Cristo, connecting agencies, resources and people together. We are a 501(c)3 organization.

Serving the people of our community

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Amigos Center

Ayudando a los inmigrantes a lograr una vida abundante en el suroeste de Florida

Fundado en 1997, el Amigos Center ayuda a miles de familias anualmente que vienen al suroeste de Florida buscando refugio de la persecución y la falta de oportunidades. Los ayudamos a lograr el sueño de una vida mejor y a cumplir su deseo de convertirse en ciudadanos productivos de nuestro gran país. Nuestro objetivo es ayudarlos a alcanzar la educación, habilidades y recursos necesarios para que ellos puedan tener éxito.

Logramos esto a través de nuestros programas:

  1. Fe (Servicios de adoración cristiana). Nuestras Iglesias Luteranas en español y creole permiten a las personas adorar y convivir en su lengua materna, crecer en su relación con Jesucristo, y ser parte de una familia sana amorosa basada en la comunidad.
  2. Familia (Inmigración). Nuestros especialistas en inmigración ofrecen servicios de inmigración basados en las familias de bajo costo. Ayudamos a las familias a unirse y permanecer unidas, llevándolas por el camino hacia la residencia permanente y la ciudadanía.
  3. Amigos (Servicios sociales). Proporcionando educación a través de clases de inglés y alfabetización junto con ayuda de comida y ropa en Immokalee.

Mantente informado. Aprende cómo dar. Se Voluntario. Llama al (239) 4376727

Amigos en Cristo es una organización exenta de impuestos 501 (c) 3


La Iglesia Luterana Amigos en Cristo
20041 S. Tamiami Trail #1,
Estero, FL 33928
Phone: (239) 992-4348

Culto: Domingo 1:00pm                                                

La Iglesia Luterana de Immokalee

106 South 2nd Street
Immokalee, FL 34142

Culto: Domingo   9:00 am

Amigos en Cristo

Amigos en Cristo, connecting agencies, resources and people together. We are a 501(c)3 organization.

Serving the people of our community

Copyright 2018. Amigos en Cristo, Inc |

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Amigos en Cristo

Amigos en Cristo, connecting agencies, resources and people together. We are a 501(c)3 organization.

Serving the people of our community

Copyright 2018. Amigos en Cristo, Inc |

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