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Although it’s great to think of our pass successes, it is also important to cast the vision for the future. There are endless opportunities for expansion of the ministry, and to reach more families and impact the community in a greater way, there will be a team working together to design an achievable action plan. It will be a lot of work and will require a lot of prayer and planning as well as the time, talents and treasures of everyone involved with the ministry.

Today, Sarah Owen led a group of leaders in the Amigos en Cristo ministry to begin the conversation and to think through the strategic plan for growth. Although growth is challenging, it is extremely exciting. If you want to know more about the vision for growth and expansion of the ministry, contact Pastor Robert Selle or Leah McCann for more information.

Amigos en Cristo vision casting and strategic planning.

At our Kingston Center in Bonita Springs, Amigos en Cristo church member, Rosi Perez, teaches a sewing class weekly to women and youth. The class is intended to teach them a trade that can help them make clothes and supplies for their family as well as possibly provide added income, which is extremely important for many of these families who are struggling just to meet their basic needs.

amigos center sewing classAmigos Center Education

Every year the Amigos Center helps hundreds of families reunite and stay united through the low-cost, legal immigration services provided. Pictured here is Gaspar Mejia. Through the help of the Amigos Center he was able to bring his wife and four children here to the United States. Out of gratitude for the work of Lala through the Amigos Center, they came and brought her a very elaborate handmade blouse from their native Huehuetenango, Guatemala.  It is a typical indigenous outfit only from that region. Many families do not have the money to pay for expensive immigration services yet they are very grateful for the services the Amigos Center provides. This was their heartfelt way to show their appreciation for Lala and the Amigos Center Immigration ministry.

Pictured here is: Luis Fernando (eldest son), Juana, Lala (Immigration Specialist) & Gaspar Mejia.

Immigration Services - Family from Guatemala


Dental Hygienist, Blanca Nelby Grisales, demonstrated good dental hygiene techniques at our Kingston AmigosCenter.  Nelby responded to a recent sermon preached by Pastor Selle calling on all disciples of Jesus Christ to serve others, each according to their gifts.  She and her husband, Diego Grisales, also provided free tooth brushes and other dental supplies to the participants.  In her native Colombia, Nelby worked as a Dental Hygienist.  She and her husband Diego now own and operate two Metro PCS stores, in Bonita Springs and Estero.

A ministry of Amigos en Cristo Lutheran Church, each Wednesday evening we meet with the families of Kingston Acres for games, Bible study and prayer.  For over twelve years the Kingston Amigos Center has served as an outpost of our church to proclaim the love of Christ through both word and deed to the families of Kingston Acres labor camp. The Kingston Amigos Center provides an excellent opportunity for church members to practice their leadership skills while serving others.  Later this month, Rosieris (Rosi) Ortegon will begin a series of classes on sewing.  Rosi owns and operates a successful tailor shop in Estero. Kingston Acres is located at the end of Taylor Road in Bonita Springs, FL.

Amigos Center Educates on Dental CareAmigos Center Community Education Class

Harry Chapin regularly partners with Amigos Center to serve families in need of food. This September they served nearly 300 families. (pictures below)

Also in the past month, Amigos Center partnered with the Mexican Consulate to help people with Passports and educating them on their rights and the services the consulate provides. The Amigos Center also partnered with The Health Department of Collier to do a Health Education class.

Amigos Center values partnering with other community organizations to best reach the people of Southwest Florida.Helping Hungry FamiliesFeeding Families in Immokalee.

Amigos Center in Immokalee is proudly serving over 25 students in our Literacy Program on Monday. Students are arriving early and staying after class to study and practice what they learned so they can move to our Rosetta Stone program. Director of Development, Leah McCann led one of the classes today and had the students singing the months of the year. “It was moving to hear the group sing and really staying focused to remember the months. It was even more moving to see them helping one another and encouraging one another to participate.” As the need continues to grow, we work diligently to accommodate everyone at their current level. We continue to pray for a Haitian Creole volunteer to assist us in our Literacy Program. If you are interested in volunteering in Immokalee, please contact Karl Glander at: (239) 657-3822.

Immokalee English ClassImmokalee English ClassImmokalee English Class

Two new pastors are on the way.  The last week of August Pastor Selle traveled to Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO to participate in the orientation of two new students who are beginning their formal theological studies leading to ordination into the pastoral office of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  Herminio Pagan, Messiah Lutheran Church, Naples, and Saint Luc Charelus, Haitian Immokalee Lutheran Church both made their first visit to the seminary campus.  They joined dozens of other first year students from all across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Laos, Sudan and even Mongolia.  This is a four year program of study.  What an inspirational thing to see people from across the globe with such joy and dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our circuit now has three students studying for the pastoral office at Concordia Seminary.  Andre Mezilus is now a vicar and is in his third year of studying in the Ethnic Immmigrant Institute of Theology at Concordia Seminary.

Immokalee Lutheran Church PastorsImmokalee Lutheran Church Pastors In St Louis

Immokalee Lutheran Church

Quinceañera, Desiree Martinez, beams next to her father, Enrique, during her coming out party in North Fort Myers. Latin American girls often celebrate their fifteenth birthday (16th in Puerto Rico) with family and friends with an elaborate party. Traditionally, the Quinceañera marks a turning point in a young woman’s life when she is allowed to date boys, go on outings with friends, be allowed a degree of greater independence, etc. Since Pastor Selle baptized Desiree when she was seven years old, he was invited to consecrate the event with both Word and prayer. A common theological theme at such an event is that the young woman is now at an age when she is to live out her baptismal covenant with God as an adult woman, no longer as a child under the tutelage of her parents.

Quincienera in Bonita Springs
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