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May 7, 2018 It is hard to believe that we are more than halfway done with our time here learning Spanish and about the culture.I cannot thank our instructor enough for taking the time to really teach us and show us how the our Spanish can be used in every day life. This past weekend was filled with preparation for our mid-course written exam. Tomorrow we have our oral proficiency exams. In conversation this week, Karl said, “It’s one thing to learn the grammar and it’s another thing to apply it. It’s a process of taking what we learned in the class room and applying it to everyday life.” This has been a great learning experience and we cannot wait to apply what we have learned.   This past week went by so fast.We had a great time at worship on Sunday. We met up with several missionaries too. Pastor Ted Krey (center), his wife Rebecca (right) and their kids made plans with us to meet with them for dinner this past Tuesday. It was a great insightful time where Karl and I learned the ins and outs of missionary work as well as church planting in the Latino culture. We have some great gems to share with the community at large when we get back as we continue to connect people to Christ.   On Monday, it was the observance of the Dominican Republic Labor Day.There were no classes at the Institute. Leonardo surprised us by taking us to Puerto Plata to see the beach and spend some time with his family. It was a quick trip, but really enjoyable. The "Smaller Christ," similar to the one in Rio, can be seen all the way from the beach. As well as Poseidon on one of the rock formations off the coast. It was a nice time getting to know his family and what they do here in the Dominican Republic too. We ended our trip with a lovely meal of fish and pasta from the local restaurant on the way back from Porta Plata. This past Saturday, Karl and I decided to walk all the way from where we are staying to the Institute (about a 5 mile hike). Along the way, we took our time to take in our surroundings and check out the baseball stadium and basketball stadium along the way. We also noticed several little huts by the water for those who are homeless to live. Like in many places, they are not given the time of day and are often overlooked. Karl and I also experienced a bit of rudeness from a waiter at one of the local establishments as he refused to serve us. We simple got a different waiter, but the experience was interesting to say the least. On Sunday, Karl and I attended the teacher appreciation celebration at one of the local piscinas (pools). There was great food, music, games, swimming and of course great fellowship. I even learned the basic steps to a few types of Dominican Republican dances. On a separate note, my ordination date has been set as May 27, 2018. It will be at 4pm at Grace Lutheran Church in Naples, Florida with a light meal to follow. Please let me know if you plan on attending.   Have A Great Day! Seth DeBartolo

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